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Sayang Holidays, LLC is a full service tour operator that specializes in tours and vacation packages to Southeast Asia. Our experience and knowledge of the region assures you of the greatest travel value possible for your chosen destination. Our exclusive contracts with the world’s top airlines and the finest resorts allows us to give you the most complete array of travel options and the very best in travel value. Our vacation packages are designed to take you to the loveliest places on Earth.

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From one of the 7 wonders of the world in India, to the bustling cities of Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, to the serene and tranquil beaches of Bali, we cater to all your travel accommodations. And if we do not have what you like, we allow packages to be customized to your needs. Mix and match the loveliest places on Earth to suit your travel needs.

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Thank you for all your assistance for our trip to Vietnam. We had a lovely time and our accommodations and tours were very good.

Dear Sayang, I just wanted to let you know that our trip was fantastic. All the arrangements played out very smoothly, the guides were terrific, and the cooking class was a real highlight. We loved all the hotels -- we especially were very impressed with the Ratilanna. The Sofitel Sukhumvit was the ideal location. We had terrific food and my daughter took some wonderful photos. I think her favorite thing was petting the tiger at the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai. So thank you very much for all the great arrangements. It was a special trip! Susan Kamei

Susan K
First thing warmers I want to thank you for planning such a fantastic trip. Your guys have been wonderful. The accommodations great. Everything is been a total success. Thanks. I don't want you to waste your time but I mean you to plan the rest of our trip. We wanted to see if you were any good first. Clearly knew all. I'm not really a bad speller, it's my voice recognition. Hopefully you'll still understand this email. We booked a hotel in Bangkok for two nights. We will be leaving Bangkok on the 26th. We don't know if we want to go to Chang Mai, Chang Rye or Laos. Inshore we are looking for is an excellent elephant experience and the zip line tour. Nice. We are then thinking of going to Phucket. In Phucket we would be looking for about four nights and we would like to stay close to the center of the action. Also, we would love to stay in the Villa similar to the ones we stayed in Seminyak. I don't want to waste your time. I'm not sure about the Davis family will be on board. If nothing else, take your compliment. You have planned an amazing trip thus far. We are very happy. Mark.

Mark Lefcourt

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